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Celebrating 27 years in business in 2024.

DeWinter Marketing & PR:
One of Denver’s Top-notch Marketing Companies for Startups, Small & Mid-sized Businesses

DeWinter Marketing & PR is one of Denver’s long-time marketing companies that has served many startups, small & mid-sized businesses since 1997. DeWinter Marketing & PR was founded to offer the best of what marketing companies & agencies can offer, while helping businesses & organizations avoid the pitfalls that sometimes occur when emerging companies work with larger agencies.

DeWinter Marketing & PR’s Mission

Our mission is to provide startups, small & mid-sized businesses with expert branding, marketing, PR & website counsel and creative services to facilitate growth & prosperityat reasonable prices and with an innovative “no mark-up” policy.

Philosophies of DeWinter Marketing & PR

It makes sense that most companies would prefer to work with professionals who share similar values and have a solid moral code.  So here are some thoughts about what we believe and how we like to do business.

1) We believe in social and environmental responsibility.

Profitability is a good thing.  And we’re not saying anyone should give away the farm.  But we believe it is possible and desirable to do business in a way that benefits people and the environment.  People, after all, are a great natural resource.  And until we discover another “Class M” planet and have the technology to get there, Earth is the only planet that we have.  We are thrilled to work with companies that want to help make the world a better place, socially and environmentally.

2) We operate on “Seventh Generation” principles.

Seventh Generation principles come from Native American culture.  When making decisions for the tribe, the elders considered how their decision would affect the tribe seven generations down the road.  And if the action was not good for that “seventh generation,” they didn’t do it.  In short, we think long term. And we encourage our clients to do the same.

3) We’ll spend your money like it’s ours, i.e. judiciously.

We help our clients by looking for services that feature reasonable prices. We gently steer clients away from vendors we think are charging you too much.

4) We don’t mark up expenses.

The positive ramifications of our unique “No Mark-ups” policy are huge, and DeWinter Marketing & PR is one of the few agencies on the planet that does not mark up expenses. This can save you anywhere from 15-30% of your marketing spend. Instead, we get estimates, and help you select the vendor. We’ll manage and oversee the work to be done. But you’ll be billed directly at the true cost with no agency mark-up.

5) We operate with integrity.

There are a lot of business ethics classes these days. And frankly, we wonder why. It does not take a rocket scientist or a great philosopher to know what’s right or wrong. In fact, it’s pretty simple: Work hard. Charge fair prices. Get the job done.

6) We are client advocates.

We think it’s pretty cool that we are paid to be optimistic. It’s our job to find the best attributes of your company, and your product or service. And then it’s our job to help you clearly convey those attributes…to the media, to customers & prospects, to investors, and to your employees.

7) We work for the best interests of our clients.

This, too, seems pretty obvious. But with our years in business, we’ve found that this has not always been the case when clients tell us their stories of working with agencies.

8) We share marketing knowledge.

We believe that the strongest clients are the ones who are knowledgeable and informed. As a result, we make a point of conveying information and sharing marketing knowledge. We are proud that many of our clients come back long after we’ve finished the project and say: “Wow, I learned so much from you.”

9) We bring enthusiasm to the table.

At least so far, no one on the team has won the lottery. So we do have to work. But we feel very fortunate that we are doing work we truly enjoy. We look forward to coming to the office every day, and we inject that enthusiasm into our work for our clients.

10) We’re committed to a lifetime of learning.

With the wide world of business, art, literature, music, philosophy, history, and science – just to name a few – how could anyone possibly be bored? When you get the know the members of this creative network, you’ll find it refreshing that our team members have such a diversity of interests and areas where they are studying and learning. On a practical level, this innate curiosity and willingness to constantly learn literally carves out new neural pathways in our brains. This helps our creativity. And it makes for some great conversations over a bottle of wine, too!

DeWinter Marketing & PR is one of a number of Denver marketing companies in business for a long time, and for a reason: we get the job done and we take care of our clients.

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