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Marketing Strategy & Planning Services

Our Marketing Strategy & Planning Sets Strong Marketing Foundations

Marketing strategy & planning services from DeWinter Marketing & PR are one of the most important parts of a successful marketing program. Why? Marketing strategy & marketing planning are the key activities that build a strong, long-lasting foundation for your marketing program. By deploying these activities, business owners and marketing directors help ensure the following:

  • You’re spending your marketing dollars and time wisely.
  • You’re targeting the right audience for your product or services.
  • Your marketing program supports your sales and business development goals.

Marketing Strategy & Marketing Planning Services We Offer

  • Comprehensive Marketing Plans
  • Project-specific Marketing Plans
  • General Marketing Strategy & Marketing Plan Consulting
  • Small Business Coaching

DeWinter Marketing & PR offers marketing strategy & planning services in multiple ways.

Specific Budget

We can develop a marketing strategy and a marketing plan that’s based on a specific budget. In this scenario, you tell us your budget and your business goals. We will build a realistic “Guerrilla” marketing plan that makes the highest and best use of your marketing dollars.

Unspecified Budget

In this scenario, we will develop a marketing plan with a sequenced set of marketing activities that represent every marketing best practice known to man. This tends to be the best value because you get a strategic, integrated marketing plan designed to roll out over multiple years.

Specific Project or Activity

In this scenario, you tell us what you’re trying to accomplish (a new company initiative, entering a new market, a fast-track product launch, etc.) We will develop a fast-track, “Guerrilla marketing” plan with detailed, sequenced recommendations and anticipated costs related to a specific business goal or initiative.

Fast-track, “Guerrilla” Review

Often, we get called in to review a marketing plan for the company as a whole, for a product launch, or special initiative, and simply provide additional input from an outside source. In this case, we’ll review what you’ve already got, and provide recommendations on improving the sequencing, filling in holes, adding strategies, and making sure the whole plan integrates and supports your business goals.

Step 1

“Discovery” Meeting

This is a fun, lively session where we pepper you with questions you might expect and some you might not expect.

Step 2

“Guerrilla” Competitor Analysis

We’ll complete a fast-track, “Guerrilla marketing” review of your top competitors and analyze what they’re doing and if they’re doing anything particularly interesting.

Step 3

Review of Your Current Materials

We’ll do a fast-track inventory of the marketing & sales assets you already have in place. This is important in keeping costs down. (We see no reason to create a new marketing asset if you already have something we can use or modify.)

Step 4

Brainstorm, Develop & Present Marketing Plan

We’ll brainstorm, develop & present the marketing plan, listen to your comments, make one round of modifications, and then finalize the plan. (We can deploy the plan in tandem with an in-house marketing staff that’s overloaded, or deploy the marketing plan for you with our own team members.)

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