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Our Innovative No Agency Markup Policy

Our “No Agency Markup” Policy | DeWinter Marketing & PR – DenverDeWinter Marketing & PR’s innovative No Agency Markup Policy means that we do not mark up marketing expenses for clients. This is very rare for a marketing agency to do this: most agencies mark up everything they touch by a minimum of 15% and, quite often, much more.

Frankly, we would rather earn our money from our marketing, creative development and project implementation services – rather than needless markups which offer no value to customers.

Specifics of our No Agency Markup Policy

  • We do NOT mark up printing.
  • We do NOT mark up Web development services.
  • We do NOT mark up signage.
  • We do NOT mark up catering services.
  • We do NOT mark up trade show booths.
  • We do NOT mark up press release distribution fees.
  • We do NOT mark up copies and postage.

To be frank, the notion of an agency markup has been in this industry pretty much since it started. And it’s a great way for agencies to make more money. In many cases, an agency markup helps minimize risk for marketing agencies who are carrying huge expenses on their clients. When clients use the agency as a bank and take a long time to pay their bill, then that agency markup functions as interest on an unsecured loan to the client. So if any agency’s carrying heavy marketing expenses for your company, then a markup is fair and a good business decision.

DeWinter Marketing & PR is in the business of providing branding, marketing, PR & WordPress website services. We are not in the business of providing financial services. As such, we simply do not carry expenses for our clients. Since we are not incurring a large financial liability, we do not need to protect ourselves by charging an agency markup. You are billed directly at true cost from the vendors.

If you think your company’s marketing budget would be better served by spending money on actual deliverables, rather than an agency markup on all your marketing expenses, get in touch with us.

We think you’ll be refreshed at our effective, affordable, down-to-earth approach to marketing…and business, in general.

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