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10 Reasons To Hire A Marketing Agency Like DeWinter Marketing & PR

The work you do to hire a marketing agency will be one of the most important decisions that you make for your business, organization, or non-profit. If you hire the right marketing agency, their team will function as an extension of your company and truly work in your best interests. If you hire the wrong marketing agency, they can negatively impact your company, and even tank it.

At DeWinter Marketing & PR, we operate on the principal that we are client advocates first and foremost. And we always work in your best interests. If you’re planning to hire a marketing agency anytime soon, or in the future, here are 10 reasons why Denver-based DeWinter Marketing & PR should be at the top of your list.

1) Highly Experienced Creative Professionals

Since 1981, Courtney DeWinter has worked as a member of the print media, as a corporate communications specialist, a public relations agency consultant, or as the principal of her own marketing & PR agency.  In addition, all members of the DeWinter Marketing & PR team are tried-and-true veterans and experts in their fields of expertise.

2) Local, Regional & National Experience & Capabilities

If you’re a local company, we can help you. If you need to do a market launch in Boston, we can help you. If you need us to research the key “influencers” in a vertical market, we can help you. In short, we work to support businesses locally, regionally & nationally. If you need marketing or PR services in another country, it is typically best to hire a firm in that country that knows the culture. In those instances, we can help you select the right marketing or PR firm for international work.

3) Cost-effective & Value-oriented

Our “virtual” marketing & PR agency provides the benefits of an agency (experience, resources & creative power), without the overhead of a more traditional “brick-and-mortar” agency with fancy offices. There are no pinball machines in our offices, or mini-basketball courts. And we’ll put the quality of our creative work up against anyone with the traditional agency office with toys or play areas.

4) Timely, Creative & Effective Branding, Marketing & PR Programs

We consume all sorts of information from all sorts of sources. We watch trends. We brainstorm. We make connections that you, or others, might not see. Then we put it all together & apply the best practices and the best thinking from many different disciplines to the problem we’re commissioned to solve for you.

5) Maneuverable & Quick-moving

A team comprised of experienced, entrepreneurial, independent, creative professionals means you get a fast-moving team that understands “time is money.” Plus, the virtual agency approach means we can bring in the firepower to get a job done FAST if that’s what you need.

6) Hand-picked Account Teams

If you hire an agency with a big staff, you will get the same people again and again. And they may (or may not) be the right people for the job. With hand-picked teams of independent, creative professionals located right here in Colorado, you can get exactly the right person for each job – and they may be different people over time. That’s the beauty of a virtual team.  You get exactly who you need at any given time. We all live and work in Colorado.

7) Down-to-earth People You Can Trust

Where we come from, a hand-shake and one’s word of honor mean something. We will still require that you sign a contract so everyone’s clear about what we are going to do and for what price. But we are real, authentic, passionate about what we do, and honest.  We honor our commitments, get projects done on time and on budget, and we maintain long-term client relationships based on mutual trust.

8) Easy To Work With

Marketing Agency Principal Courtney DeWinter is a solid, down-to-earth Midwesterner, as are many other members of this hand-picked team of creative professionals. Our work style is friendly and fun, yet assertive enough to get the job done. We also don’t let our egos get in the way of our work, or determining the best solution.

9) Flexible Options On How To Get The Work Done

We can do the branding, marketing, PR, or website work as part of an overall marketing contract. We can do the branding, marketing, PR, & website work in conjunction with your in-house team. Or we can teach YOU to do it yourself through our Marketing Boot Camps for Do-it-yourself Marketers. Any of those options are fine by us.

10) A Deep & Abiding Interest In Your Business

We’ve marketed everything from high-tech tennis racquets to gourmet horse treats to computer software, and more. Regardless of your industry, we take the time to wrap our arms around your business and your industry, and really learn about your products or services. In many cases, we’ve come to know our client’s products or services so well that we’ve been asked to go on the road and train our client’s customers, work as a valued member of a trade show team doing product demos, and more.

If this resonates with you, please get in touch as you start the process to hire a marketing agency. We hope to get the opportunity to show you who we are, what we do, how we work, and how we can help.

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