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DeWinter Marketing & PR Re-Brands Colorado Construction Company & Helps Them Double Revenues In Four Years

Construction Company Marketing Case Study | DeWinter Marketing & PR – Denver

Check out this construction company marketing case study & learn some of the strategies that DeWinter Marketing & PR deployed to help this company double its revenues in four years.

The Branding Challenge

Colorado-based Ash & White Construction was a successful, multi-million-dollar construction company. Although the company name reflected a partnership scenario, the company president had served as the sole owner for more than 10 years. The owner also was planning to construct a new headquarters building to coincide with the company’s 20-year anniversary and said he was ready to “take the company to a new level.” For him, that meant both developing a brand that reflected the company’s current ownership status, as well as increasing revenues. In addition, the old Ash & White company logo featured an unmemorable logo coupled with a dull gray and black color palette.

DeWinter Marketing & PR Strategies

Construction Company Marketing Case Study | DeWinter Marketing & PR – DenverStep 1: Branding Research

Based on the goals of this company’s owner, DeWinter Marketing & PR Agency President Courtney DeWinter initiated a comprehensive re-branding program. She started with a fast-track, “guerilla” branding research process that included group interviews of the company staff; one-on-one customer interviews; and a fast-track analysis of competitors.

 Step 2: New Name & New Branding

Based on the feedback, insights, and common denominators that came to light from this process, she recommended a new company name, a new logo and graphic identity, a new tagline, new market positioning, new messaging, an updated web presence, and updated sales collateral, as well as a formal launch of the newly branded company. After exploring multiple options, the company was re-named: White Construction Group.

Construction Company Marketing Case Study | DeWinter Marketing & PR – DenverStep 3: New Logo & Graphic Identity

Feedback from the one-on-one customer and staff interviews, and competitive market positioning, drove the development of the new branding, logo, and corporate color palette.  Customer interviews showed that the company was very respected for its quality work and integrity-oriented approach to business. When customers were asked to “free associate” about what symbols and images best represented integrity, the idea of Ben Franklin came up multiple times. Graphic exploration of this concept yielded a logo that depicted the company with a hand-written “quill pen” style, coupled with a modern typeface, and a strong, contemporary color palette.  The branding research also yielded insights that helped drive the development of a new tagline:  “Integrity. Intelligence.  Innovation.”

Construction Company Marketing Case Study | DeWinter Marketing & PR – DenverStep 4: Apply the Branding To Marketing Assets

The new logo and color palette (burnt red, royal blue and metallic gold) were applied to everything from business cards and sale collateral to business pitch materials and the website.  Once these “deliverables” were completed, DeWinter Marketing & PR also concepted, produced, and distributed a formal announcement that unfolded like flower petals with simple bold messages:

  • New Name.
  • New Look.
  • What Hasn’t Changed: Our Integrity. Our Intelligence. Our Innovation.

Inside the folded announcement was a placeholder for a new business card – and this piece was mailed and distributed by email, too.

Step 5: Consistent, Ongoing Marketing Based On A Strategic Marketing Plan

Once the formal re-branding process was completed, DeWinterComm embarked on a marketing and public relations program to help the newly named White Construction Group increase awareness and lead generation. Examples of the ongoing marketing program included:

  • Staff training on branding and messaging to increase the consistency of the new messaging at every level of the company
  • A comprehensive publicity program announcing the company’s successes and new commissions
  • Upgrades to sales strategy and business pitches, and more.

DeWinterComm deployed an integrated marketing and public relations program over the course of four years, along with training of White Construction Group staffers. After four years, DeWinter Marketing passed the baton to in-house staffers who took over marketing activities for the company.

The Results

  • The new company name & branding reflected an up-to-date presence & accurately reflected the company ownership.
  • Company revenues doubled in that four-year period.

Learning Point

When pursuing a new corporate identity, branding research is one of the best investments a company can make if the goal is a truly strategic new brand and graphic identity.

Courtney DeWinter is the president & founder of Denver-based DeWinter Marketing & PR in Denver, Colorado. She is a marketing & PR consultant with 25+ years of experience in branding, marketing, public relations, websites & journalism.

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